High Impact Design. Original, exclusive (no clipart or templates) graphic solutions for your needs – ensure that your web site will differ from others, which means that you will be recognizable and distinguishable.

Clean HTML. We support all of the most popular web browsers (IE, NN, Opera, Mozilla). And create quality, optimized HTML code that minimizes the loading time.

Innovative Flash. Original ideas, catchy images and high optimization lead to the perfect result in Flash animation – the most effective form of artistic audience interaction used in e-business today.

Perfect Programming. Stability, Flexibility, Velocity, Reliability are the properties of all XTGate programming solutions. Dynamic content, complete adjustability of all settings, advanced statistics – all these make you aware of your customers’ needs and allow you to meet their demands.

Affordable Prices. Our prices are really affordable. Just make a request and you will understand it. Also, we have a discount system that makes your charges lower in case you are our regular customer.

Effective Promotion. Manual submission to the leading search engines and subject-specific link directories, effective Meta Tag creation, attractive banners and flash intros - all this brings new customers to your web site.

Deadlines. Time is money, and we know it. Therefore, whatever happens, if we start a project, we finish it on time or even earlier.

Long Term Support. All our projects have one year warranty (bug fixing and troubleshooting assistance). Also, we provide minor changes and updates that you may need after project launch for free.

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