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24 Apr 2009
Follow us on Twitter!
Today XTGate joined world famous internet community called Twitter, follow us at!
10 Apr 2009
Site Update
Great News!
Now our future customers will be able to fins us through majour Search Engines - Google, Yahoo!, Aol, Msn
05 Sep 2008
Find us in other cities, besides Los Angeles!
Feel free to visit us in our new offices in Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, Santa Monica! For more information go to contact us page
20 May 2007
Our New Office in Los Angeles
XTGate Los Angeles is constantly growing! We now have reached 450+ employees! That is why we moved to a new larger office!
12 Jan 2006
Direct Gold Outlet online jewelry store is an advanced ecommerce system powered by Lisk CMS Ecommerce. Attractive design, variety of products, sales and special offers make this site irresistible to buy from. All administrator features enabling the convenience of the site customers are supported by the CMS and include product parameter management, sales, shipping options, taxes and coupon management.

24 Nov 2005

A e-commerce store has been recently developed for one of our loyal customers, Polimaster. The store is intended to serve the customers from the US, sells a variety of equipment for radiation monitoring, and provides comprehensive information about each product in the form of downloadable materials and specifications. Due to the nature of the products sold on the site, the customer required maximum attention to design and functionality details to make the site attractive, trustworthy and easy to use. The website is integrated with UPS delivery and billing system and powered by Lisk CMS E-Commerce.

05 Aug 2005

XTG team has developed a complex web portal that acts as the first worldwide market for independent musicians and artists. Providing young artists with the ability to showcase, manage, and sell their art and music, YoStyle gives registered users an opportunity to present their work effectively with the help of their personal webpage and individual art mini-store. The website is attractively designed, enhanced with flash animated elements and creates an atmosphere of freedom in this young artists’ environment.

19 Jul 2005

Appleton Electronic Group is a leading global independent distributor of semiconductors and all types of electronic components. XTG team has developed a stylish corporate web site that is easy to navigate and creates appropriate impression upon potential clients. Elegant color palette emphasizes the company’s corporate image. 

13 Dec 2004
XTGate have been contracted by Unitech Electronics Co., Ltd., a corporation operating in the European and American market. The company specializes in selling equipment for shops and warehouses, as well as different accessories to it. The site will have a big catalogue of products, appeal to the visitors with a neat design, allow them to search quickly for what they need and properly represent the Company and its status.
06 Oct 2004
Social networking sites are probably the most complicated and advanced sphere of database and web development. XTGate developers have written over 45.000 PHP code strings, and yet the project was completed within just 4 months. This web portal offers its users an opportunity to communicate within their personal networks and to establish new contacts through the network members' contacts.
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